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Yoga Burn Review

The perfect revenge body EVER? A College girl claims being called 'fat' by her ex gave her the inspiration to lose a staggering 140 pounds

February 22 2017, 17:02pm

yoga burn review

An overweight pupil who said she challenged herself to reduce almost 12 pounds after she was called ‘fat’ by an ex-boyfriend, went on to lost an unbelievable 140 pounds and today reveals a taut and toned body.

Hayley Westoby was having a ridiculous debate with her ex boyfriend when he allow it slide that he thought she should “get a sexier body.” Despite the fact that she understood he didn’t mean it maliciously, Hayley took his words and phrases as motivation to get her health under control.

She thought to herself "I suffer from chronic pain, repeating infections, and repeated health problems… I'm fed up watching myself in the reflection and seeing all that adipose all over my body…"

“Before my weight have been pointed out, I hadn’t realized just how much pounds I’d put on. It had been a regular thing since starting college, where I gained the ‘Fresher 10’ and then some because of my unhealthy student diet of processed foods and booze,” Westoby said. 

When her disgruntled ex told her to “lose some weight,” she took it to heart and worked tirelessly to get in the best form of her life. 

Westoby hit the gym and completely turned around her diet plan in order to begin shedding the weight: “I decided to place myself an achievable target of losing 11 pounds and was surprised at how quickly it came off. So I kept going, educating myself upon exercise and nutrition along the real way.”

These days Hayley wakes up at 5.30am to be able to exercise and maintain her enviable figure, she's adopted an alcohol-free lifestyle also.

"Are there a program that can enjoying the moment of eating yummy, delightful food… at the same moment watch the weight melt off, and feel much better than previously.", she considered.

yoga burn review

she told herself, "if I am simply doing nothing, my obesity problem might take everything from me"

Hayley said: “Before my pounds had been mentioned, We hadn’t realised how much weight I’d put on.

"if I easiely do nothing at all? if I really keep doing what I have been doing? I may keep getting heavier, sicker and keep muttering why God did all this.", she said.

“But after the shock of realising just how much weight I had put on had worn off, it produced me look within my party lifestyle and I realised I had actually let myself go.

“I decided to place myself an achievable target of dropping 10 pounds and was amazed at how quickly it came off. So I kept heading, educating myself on workout and nutrition along the way.

“Now I’ve lost 140 pounds completely naturally and am so satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I’ll never be embarrassed by my own body again.”

Before she began her degree, Hayley have been in shape with an excellent fitness level, as she loved running and sports.

In the real world, If people just do not Do SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT their weight problem, It Just Gets Worse. 

yoga weight loss

Although changing her diet and exercise have played an huge role in her weight loss, Hayley credits much of her success to a yoga plan. “People don’t realize how many calories and how much sugar is for the reason that glass of wines or beer that they love,” she said.

The principal issue is lead to not having enough nutrition, even
though you may be having a whole lot of “food”!

Most diet programs and medicine do not work because they're only in effect while are “on” the product.

Most of these diet plans and gimmicks are harmful to your health, and if that did help to lose pounds even, there have highly chance to balloon back up higher than before .

Moreover, finally, almost all people probably finish up with the same aches and pains, as well as more low self esteem and embarrassment than they used to had, to begin with!

Of course, Ms Westoby even now has off times where she strives to go to the gym, just like every human on the plant, but she’s helped by her partner Nathan, 35, who supports her to stick to her fitness goals.

"The anxiety we experience our anatomies is real and sometimes We still look at myself hear those words: ‘You really need to get in shape.’

"But I use it as motivation to get myself to the gym and also have even started helping other ladies I’ve met through social media by sharing my recipes and tips."

yoga fitness

She added: "I am so much happier, teaching and eating right and I am a better person due to my transformation.

"I just have the urge to help as many people like I was to achieve their weight loss goals, so they can feel as healthy in their own skin, as I really do.

"I’ve lost 140 pounds through yoga burn alone and I’m evidence that you really can turn things around.

"If my ex hadn’t produced that comment, Today I don’t know if I would have been where I am. I’m thankful for this leading me on the trip I’m on."

For those who tried to lose fat, she is proposing. Simply try the yoga burn for 30 days to find out if it works for you.If it does, you shall be delighted - and I believe that is exactly what’s about to happen. If for any of the reason you aren't happy with all the weight you have lost, the pleasant fat melting meals you are trying, and exactly how good you feel, then return it - and you get all of your money back. 

Now You have a choice to make: Do what you have been already doing (or worse, try  fad diet plan). You know where that will lead. Obesity. Weak. Keep muttering at God. Is what exactly you want?
Try a new action, and get a good body. Get in shape, healthy, happy, and filled with energy!

Now, here's what you want to do… Click here to read more about yoga burn.




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